November 2021: We Passed the Build Back Better Act!

Dear friend,

We just passed the Build Back Better Act in the House! This bill will make the boldest investments since the Great Depression. We’re going to provide universal pre-k, green jobs, paid leave, and combat the climate crisis.

Minnesotans are facing the biggest housing affordability crisis in the country, a massive racial wealth and education gap, and a childcare affordability crisis. The Build Back Better Act is our opportunity to address this and deliver tangible change in the lives of working people. Now it is on the Senate to act. Promises have never been enough. We need a vote in the Senate to deliver these investments to Minnesotans and the American people as quickly as possible.

Working to Stop Arming Human Rights Abusers

It’s unconscionable to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia while they slaughter innocent people and starve millions in Yemen, kill and torture dissidents, and support modern-day slavery. Last week, I introduced legislation to block the $650 million sale to Saudi Arabia. You can read more here.

Calling for Government Action to Mitigate Violence Against Women in Politics

Women are subject to fear, intimidation, threats and, in some cases, violence, to deter them from participating in politics. It is true here in the United States and around the world, and this phenomenon is especially acute for women from marginalized communities. The United States should be leading a global effort to increase women’s participation in political life and hold opponents of women’s political rights accountable. This week, I joined my sister in service, Rep. Tlaib in doing just that. You can read more here.


Join Our Town Hall

On November 30th at 5:30pm CT, our office will hold a virtual town hall. We will discuss the passage of the Build Back Better Act and what that means for Minnesotans. I look forward to answering your questions. You can register here.

Join Our Coffee and Kulan Event with Senator Tina Smith

On November 29th at 4pm CT, I’ll be hosting another “Coffee and Kulan” discussion on universal school meals with Senator Tina Smith. You can see more event details here.

In service,

Ilhan Omar

Member of Congress

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