End Police Brutality: Chauvin Trial | Weekly Recap March 29-April 2, 2021

Dear friend,

This week, the trial of Derek Chauvin began. For too many of us, watching this trial has been retraumatizing. Our community and the whole country are loudly demanding justice. I will continue to fight to end police brutality and hope the family of George Floyd gets the justice they deserve. I spoke to the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder ahead of the trial about our community’s hopes and expectations.

Condemning Hate Against the APPI Community

An attack on one community is an attack on all of us. This week, I hosted a press conference with Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan and other community leaders to condemn the hate targeted at the AAPI and other marginalized communities. Hate crimes against Asian Americans have increased by nearly 150 percent since the start of the pandemic. We cannot normalize this and must take steps to eradicate all forms of white supremacy. You can watch the full press conference here.

Fighting to Rebuild and Reshape the Economy

Now is not the time to remain beholden to a bankrupt, unpopular ideology that allows the richest people in the world to continue paying next to nothing in taxes, while millions starve in our streets. Now is the time to be bold. That’s why I applaud President Biden for taking steps to propose solutions to the deep challenges we face as a nation. You can read my full statement on the Build Back Better Plan here.

Fighting Housing Insecurity

This week, I visited the Avivo Village, a tiny home community shelter in Minneapolis. Because of the CARES Act that passed last year, this shelter has been able to provide safe refuge for many of our community members facing housing insecurity. You can view photos of my visit here.

Impacts of the American Rescue Plan on Schools

The American Rescue Plan will provide critical funding to school districts across the country including the Robbinsdale School District. I had the opportunity to talk with the Robbinsdale School District Superintendent, Dr. Stephanie Burrage about how our students will benefit from the additional funding. You can read more about my visit here.

MN05 Announcements: Where to Get COVID Vaccine


  • As of this week, all Minnesotans over 16 years old are eligible to get a vaccine.

How to Get an Appointment

  • If you haven’t already signed up for the Minnesota Department of Health, please do. You can go to: Vaccine Connector at vaccineconnector.mn.govto register for a vaccine. They will email you if you have been selected for a vaccine through the state system.

In service,

Ilhan Omar

Member of Congress




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