Dear friend,

Like many of us, I have watched the immense human tragedy in Afghanistan in horror. Yesterday’s horrific terrorist attack on Afghans and U.S. service members was a tragedy, yet another reminder of the terror the people of Afghanistan continue to face. My heart goes out to the Afghan people, especially the many Afghans who risked their lives for a safer, freer Afghanistan, as well the of countless Americans who served in this conflict, thousands of whom made the ultimate sacrifice. The hard truth about America’s longest war is that for 20 years, we made promises we couldn’t keep…

Dear friend,

No one should face housing insecurity. If you are behind on rent or know anyone who is behind, go to to apply for assistance. This resource can help protect you from eviction due to nonpayment.

Fighting Housing Insecurity

Last week, President Biden announced the CDC will extend the eviction moratorium. This win would not have been possible without the bold, steadfast leadership from progressives. I was proud to join Rep. Cori Bush and so many other Members of Congress and organizers who continued to push the Administration to act. While this new moratorium on evictions is welcome…

Dear friend,

Every day I fight to make sure that people from all corners of the 5th District have a shot at the American Dream. This week, through the surface transportation and appropriations process, we have passed over $46 million in funding through the House for our district. The community projects include funding for a new Hennepin Healthcare Clinic on East Lake Street, skills training for clean energy careers, new workforce training in South Minneapolis, sprinkler updates for the Minnesota Public Housing Authority, funding for the Minneapolis American Indian Center, bike parks in Brooklyn Center, a new recreation and arts…

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I am excited to announce we’ve been able to advance $46.9 million in federal funding for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District.

Every day I fight to make sure that people from all corners of the 5th District have a shot at the American Dream. And this funding will go a long way to making that possible. The projects invest in the communities that were hit the hardest by both the pandemic and social unrest in the past year by addressing joblessness, housing insecurity, access to healthcare, and transportation barriers. …

Dear Friends,

As we close out the first six months of my second term, I want to share an update on the work we’ve been doing to fight for the 5th District.

We began our term in the midst of crisis. Our communities are still reeling from a pandemic that has shuttered countless business, put many out of work, and taken hundreds of thousands of lives — including my own family members. Here in Minnesota, we inspired the nation to reckon with centuries of systemic racism and are reimagining a public safety system that truly protects all of us. …

Dear friend,

Today, I visited the White House and watched President Biden sign a bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. As we celebrate this milestone, we must renew our commitment to address the lasting consequences of slavery. Although slavery was formally abolished 156 years ago, we still have yet to achieve full racial equality. I will continue to fight for reparations to atone for slavery and its horrific lasting consequences on Black Americans.

Fighting to Federally Support Indigenous Peoples

Last week, I hosted an Indigenous roundtable to hear from community leaders on the work they’ve been doing and how…

Dear friend,

Last week, we marked one year since the murder of George Floyd in our district. While one of the officers responsible for his death has faced accountability, the systems of oppression that led to his murder remain in place. Let this be the moment we implement sweeping reforms to our criminal justice system.

In Congress, I have worked to change policing by helping pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act in the House. We now must push the Senate to vote on this critical piece of legislation and keep the provision to end qualified immunity in the…

Over the past few weeks, I was able to come back home and attend some incredible district events. I remain in awe of the resiliency our community has shown through enormous trials. The way we rally, support, and uplift one another is something incredibly special. I’m grateful each day to be a member of our 5th District community.

Since getting elected to serve the 5th District, I made a promise to cogovern with you. This promise was anchored in the deep belief that my success in Congress is contingent upon inviting members of our community to come alongside this journey…

Dear friend,

The vaccine is our ticket back to normalcy. Our state is hitting milestones with vaccination rates and appointments. If you haven’t received your vaccine yet, you can find appointments here.

Ending Child Hunger

One in six children in Minnesota don’t know where their next meal will come from. I introduced the Universal School Meals Program Act which will provide free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack to all school children regardless of income. The legislation will also eliminate school meal debt and strengthen local economies by incentivizing local food procurement. Read more here.

Ending Police Violence

Dear friend,

This week’s verdict was only a small step on the path towards justice and accountability. While the conviction was a necessary condition of justice, it is not sufficient. For centuries, Black people have faced violence at the hands of the state in our country. For centuries, systemic inequalities in the form of housing, income, education, and criminal justice have plagued our country — holding us back from our creed of liberty and justice for all. …

Rep. Ilhan Omar

Representing Minnesota’s 5th District in the People’s House.

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